Our Progress

November 2018

So far, our redevelopment has seen some remarkable figures:
• 60 tonnes of steel was erected in less than a week
• In one day, 90 cubic meters of concrete was poured
• 2,500 cubic meters of crushed concrete was delivered on site in less than two weeks
• 450m of hording has been used over two months

The builders will turn their attention to the creation of the new Southern car park for the next few months (the best place to view this is from the windows in The Bistro).

FUN FACT: we can assure you that all restaurants and bars, existing and new, will be managed by the Club directly.

Pedestrian Access off Clarence Avenue

There will continue to be ramp and stair access into the Club.


October 2018

The porte-cochere works were completed on Monday 15 October.

Members and guests will now see the structure that was built over the last four weeks and the start of the new entrance.

The façade of the building has enhanced in size and function with the turning circle recently reopening as the very beginnings of our new porte-cochere, allowing sheltered entry and exit into our Northern car park.


September 2018

From Monday 17 September for approximately four weeks, the porte cochere saw construction works that changed the entry and exit to the Club.


August 2018

Dee Why RSL is pleased to announce that we have begun the largest renovation project in the clubs 70-year history.

The head contractor for this renovation is Hutchinson Builders.

The majority of the Southern car park will close the week commencing Monday 20 August however, the following parking will be available:

1. The Northern car park
2. The Southern car park adjacent to the kindy
a. Approximately 20 spaces on the upper level
b. Approximately 20 spaces on the lower level (This area is exclusive to parents of the Kindy from 7.00am – 6.30pm weekdays)

Demolition of the Southern car park commenced on Wednesday 22 August.