Weekly Raffles

Largest weekly raffles on the Northern Beaches.

Hams in Weekly Raffles

It’s raining ham! Half legs of ham will be included in every one of the weekly raffles until Christmas.

Note: Our ‘Merry Little Christmas Raffle’ will replace the weekly raffle on Wednesday 19 December.

Raffles Live

Revolutionary raffles technology that enables you to watch the raffles live on your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere in the Club.
Give it a try during any of our Wednesday, Friday or Sunday raffles and never miss a number again.

Wednesday Gourmet

Win gourmet meat trays, seafood trays, and a selection of fabulous themed prizes every Wednesday.

Tickets on sale: 5:00pm
Draws from: 7:00pm

Friday Meat and Seafood

Win locally produced meat and seafood trays, as well as an assortment of prizes perfect for the home, kitchen and outdoors.

Tickets on sale: 5:00pm
Draws from: 7:00pm

Sunday Lifestyle

Win a selection of meat trays and weekly themed prizes perfectly arranged for your week ahead.

Tickets on sale: 2:45pm
Draws from: 3:45pm